My Hero Academia season 4 episode 3 english sub

My Hero Academia season 4 episode 3 english sub

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  1. Thank you so much for uploading the episodes of My Hero Academia!! I have tried using countless websites like Crunchyroll, Funimation, etc. but they either have way too many ads that last for 20 mins, very low quality, or non-user friendly formats in general. This website literally saved me. The uploads are high quality, have no ads, and have amazing user-friendly features like adjusting brightness & volume. Thanks to you, I had a wonderful experience watching this anime (which has now become my fave anime). I don’t know what I would’ve done without you. Again, thank you so much for these uploads. Looking forward to watching the rest of Season 4!!

    • Bro tododeku is not canon and it will never be because hirikoshi (the created bnha) is homophobic. And it’s pretty obvious that Izuku and ochalo is canon. I’m not gonna stop you from shipping them but please don’t hashtag I will not watch anymore.that is stupid and ,frankly nobody would care.

      • see what you just said is known as a “fake weeb”. real weebs don’t give people a hard time because they ship a ship you don’t like. Im not saying I like that ship, but at least I’m not JUDGIng someone for it. And they can hashtag whatever. Build a bridge and get over it.In life people arent always going to do what YOU like.

        • He asked politely and hes honestly right,saying you wont watch something unless they do what you want is childish, recognizing that isn’t or at least should not be seen as rude.You are basically telling him to stop judging others but in order to do so you judge him yourself. I actually love that ship but id point out this person as childish easily, you’re being a hypocrite when you tell him to not judge because you are judging him right now. People have opinions, its stupid to make people restrict them because you disagree but it is fine to say you disagree with someones methods. it would have been better to request he be more polite or simply say you disagree instead of telling him he needs to change so he can agree with you and the OP or at least be quiet.

      • i do’nt belive you should be coming after anyone on the internet for some thing they want to happen in the show we all do have different ipionons and that okay!and im not trying to come for you or are the other person!(sorry for the bad english i barley speak)

  2. I know @himiko toga i never said that i would stop them from shipping it i was just pointing out that hirikoshi is homophob and it would never happen plus she did hashtag or shes going to stop watching

  3. Listen yall need to stop in these comments. Someone can jokingly make a comment about a ship if they want, and there was no need to turn it into an argument. We all know that TodoDeku will never happen in the show, but people can still ship them if they want. This happens in many tv shows and it normally doesn’t hurt anyone. Now it’s important we don’t go over the top and become super inappropriate with our ships, but having a ship between two characters isn’t bad. Not everyone has to like a ship, but that doesn’t mean someone can’t like it still. yall need to stop taking jokes seriously and just mind your business. If you don’t want drama in the fandom stop feeding into it. Everyone can share their opinions and then KEEP to themselves. Stop fighting and let people enjoy this gosh dang masterpiece, thank you.

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