My Hero Academia season 4 episode 25 english dub

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  1. what am i supposed to do now that ive watched the whole thing in 3 days- i dont think i can go back to regular shows 🙁

  2. for everyone to know, season 5 will probably come out on January 2021. The delay is because of COVID-19.

  3. AAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!!! IM FEELING SORRY FOR ENDEAVOR AND I HATE IT!!!!!! I know he’s trying to better himself for his children (or maybe just shoto) but still. I can’t forgive him, ever.

    Also, side note: if u say “and ever” really fast a bunch of times is sounds like “endeavor”

    • why dont you just wait for season 5, animating frame by frame takes a very long time, the best we can do is be patient

  4. So I’m excited for season 5 to come out but when is the english dub come out because I really want to watch it will it be a month later to have english dub? I really do wanna know and all.

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