My Hero Academia season 4 episode 23 english dub

My Hero Academia season 4 episode 23 english dub, also watch The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods Season 3 or DC ANIMATED Movies . Also follow us on twitter for more information of upcoming uploads, just click the follow button !

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  1. Its soo cute, the way eri eats the candy apples its just too cute, eri is now oficially my favorite character

  2. I honesfly cry when he says “Medoria, Sir, look she’s smiling!” because that’s what sir Nighteye was fighting for and couldn’t see. makes me cry because he was able to ensure that Eri was able to smile, giving his life for her, which he would have accepted every time. knowing she would smile and be happy. I love it…

  3. jiro has an amazing voice and eri is so frickin cute and also THE APPLE soooo cuteeee i would love to go to that show. star wars refrences are alwase cool too. and shinsou dangling from the ceiling i want to see more of the haunted house(excuse my spelling)

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