My Hero Academia season 4 episode 1 english sub

My Hero Academia season 4 episode 1 english sub , The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A”
Transcription: “Sukūpu U.A. Ichi-Nen Ei-Gumi”

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  1. You say this is English dub… well it’s not. It’s in Japanese, so maybe next time you can say English dub coming soon or something rather than saying it a English dub when it’s not.
    Anyway other than that I love your website, you made me able to watch something for free in good quality.
    Hop English dub is coming soon and if you can please tell me when !

    Hope you have a nice day or night !


    • No one said this is a dub , in the title you can clearly see sub not dub. Also after episode 5 the rest of the episodes will be uploaded in the dub version. Thanks for watching !

  2. I dont see any problems with these subtitles. You can read them very easily. I just started watching anime and this site helped me a lot to find free good content! Just keep it up like this and thank you for sharing this content with us!

  3. hey! I love this site, but the subtitles are white but with no black contour so it’s hard to read when there are white parts in the scene. Besides it’s really cool!

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