My Hero Academia season 3 episode 22 english dub

My Hero Academia season 3 episode 22 english dub

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  1. Kacchan really is a jerk :0 but I understand him. Thinking you have the potential to become the best but then a nobody that had no chance to even stand besides you and that you always ignored and harassed becomes powerful and surpasses you by the help of your biggest inspiration must be hard.

    • You are absolutely right, I wish many people didn’t hate Bakugou and just understand his viewpoint in his shoes. Sure he has a lot of pride but he has so much development throughout this show and he will become a better person and a great hero. That is why he is one of my favorites.

  2. What kind of idiotic person thought it was a good idea to build a prison with a direct path into the middle of a downtown area. Thereโ€™s a straight bridge for Tartarus to the middle of the city. Those guys are stupid.

  3. If only bakugo knew his potential rather than comparing himself to deku all the time he could have become something but he is so prideful and self centred.

    • so floofy lol
      and momos hair looks like the hairy dude from shiketsu when she sleeps am i right?!

    • is no one conserned for the shiketsu high girl toga got blood from?!
      and how the school will react to bakugo and dekus fight next episode!
      AND how much the wind guy hates todoroki lol (not conserned, but still)

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