My Hero Academia season 3 episode 16 english dub

My Hero Academia season 3 episode 16 english dub

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  1. This is my fav. Anime but theere are some bitch shippers who ship todoroki and deku and bakugou and deku which is total shit he clearly likes uraraka. Its canon this should stop

    • hey thats really rude. people can ship whoever they ant. You cant change what they like. don’t call them any bad words either. Keep that crap in your mouth.

      • Even if I agree with this person’s statement, they shouldn’t have worded it like that. There was no reason to swear. Even if they aren’t the best ships. Plus, why do people even ship people together in the first place? I believe it’s a waste of time and that you should just enjoy the anime.

        • I’m a shipper but I respect all ships like I ship many people you might even say I’m a multi shipper but even so don’t ship student teacher because that’s really bad like not to be rude why do people ship deku and all might bro

          • I don’t ship people. I think its is a bit weird if I could say so myself but i does not give you the right to disrespect others opinions. To be honest with you I feel the same way although there are people who like to ship and that’s there way of enjoying this anime but if have a problem with people trying to live there lives and enjoy this anime then sir the door is open for you to leave. Thank you and bye! Wish everyone the best!

      • people could stop the toxic/no-sence shipping, but dont judge them for that! if you wanna judge people look at these awsome quirks and fighting skills!

      • yeah i doubt death threats to the writer for not having the entire cast as homosexual is a bit much and bullying the guy is wrong

  2. Shipping is a waste of time honestly, i think people should stop being toxic over ships and start actually watching the dang show.

    • ships that are like two “extras” or not main charicters is ok, but the only deku ship is deku x ururaka IN MY OPINION!!!

    • Well that’s your opinion have you ever had the time to think about others. I agree I really do but I’m not out here disrespecting people.

  3. am i the only one who realized the first person they met from the other class kinda sounds like kirito from sword art online??

  4. @You … Nobody even was talking about ships why would you just bring it up??? We all know what ships gonna be cannon but people also want to live in their fantasy world… and its best if we just don’t talk about it cause the whole reason this fandom is messed up is cause of these ships.

    (no offense but its a bit weird for ME)

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