My Hero Academia season 2 episode 9 english dub

My Hero Academia season 2 episode 9 english dub . The Full season 2 of My hero academia plus the new Justice League Dark: Apokolips War 2020 !

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    • Thank you so much for uploading anime like this, people like you who upload for free like this are the real altruistic heroes. It’s a real life saver when you can’t afford subscriptions to mainstream anime websites.

      • I can’t afford to buy it. 🙁 but I still am going to watch because this place is the best with free high quality anime’s and the option to comment on videos and even has the movies! Thank you so much for posting these! 🙂 I hope this site never shuts down! 😁

    • Sorry but our site’s policy is to watch bluray very high bit rate quality anime ! So yeah 🙂 Also in the future we may jump even further to 4K releases when they become available !

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