My Hero Academia season 2 episode 7 english dub

My Hero Academia season 2 episode 7 english dub . The Full season 2 of My hero academia plus the new Justice League Dark: Apokolips War 2020 ! Also follow us on twitter for more information of upcoming uploads, just click the follow button !

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  1. If I was there instead of Todoroki
    Endeavour: Your greater than your siblings, your my number one masterpiece.
    Me: (ignoring him) I ain’t no such thing, I ain’t ur son.

  2. Endeavor: Your greater than your siblings your my number 1 masterpiece

    Shoto: Oh yeah? well then why did you kept pushing me trying to make me a villain huh? and why did you keep abusing me making me do whatever I just wanna live my dream Oh and why did you slap mom in front of me? you bastard I hate you And if I see you on the streets your over with old man

    Imagine him saying this

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